FF&FF-Day 3

I said I wouldn’t do this but I’m so proud of myself I just have to share.  Earlier this evening I was battling a serious sugar craving.  I tried to distract myself but every channel had ice cream and chocolate on it I swear!  I needed to go to the grocery store, but I knew better.  I finally decided I had to leave the house or I was going to be eating Cool Whip with nothing but a spoon.

I headed to Sam’s to pick up the brisket for this weekend’s dinner party.  While I was there I roamed a little bit.  It’s a rule I think.  Who goes to Sam’s, goes straight for what they came for and then leaves?  Rich people with incredible self control I suspect.  Since that doesn’t describe me, I roamed.  I roamed right to the same red swimsuit I put on the original blog post in this series! 

I need a new swimsuit.  That wasn’t what I came for and NO woman, regardless of body type likes to shop for them.  Here was the one I had selected from the hundreds of online images.  It had to be a sign!  There are no dressing rooms in Sam’s Club.  I decided this was a good thing.  I wasn’t ready for that and I didn’t really have time.   How smart would it be to buy a swimsuit I hadn’t tried on?

What difference would it make if I did try it on?  After all, isn’t the intent of this whole 30 day no sugar/exercise every day experiment supposed to help me change my body from what it is today.  So now it came down to just how confident I was in my ability to make this happen.   But still, what size?  If I choose size _X_ the top will probably fall off because my top half is always smaller than my bottom half.  (Really irritating that I’ll lose  what chest I do have when I lose weight.)  If I choose size _Y_ then the top should fit, but I’ll risk cutting off the circulation to my legs!   So, I did what any sugar deprived woman would do.  I bought both!


In the privacy of my own bathroom I will determine if there is an obvious answer.  If not, I’ll wait a couple of weeks, try again and keep the winner.  For now, I’m hanging one of them on the refrigerator door and the other on the pantry door.  That should help.  That and a sugar free vanilla latte.


  1. Kala B says:

    LOL! But my mother actually does LOVE to shop for swimming suits. She owns like 30. Good luck! You can do it!

  2. cathi says:

    You are my hero!

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