Please Don’t Be Shocked

This evening I watched ABC’s 20/20 interview with Aaron Fisher, aka Victim 1.  As Fisher explained how he was groomed and how Sandusky used other people to assist in gaining access to Fisher,  I found myself nodding.  I was disturbed and disgusted, but not shocked. [Read more…]

She’s HOW old?

I have four beautiful granddaughters.  They are roughly the same ages as my niece and nephews.  In fact, my sister’s youngest son and my youngest granddaughter are just 5 days apart.  I admit I’m a young grandmother.  The older girls often giggle and correct strangers who refer to me as their mom.

I’m the oldest.  I started early.  Not crazy early, I was in my twenties.   However, by today’s standards that seems very young.  In fact, I have friends my age who have children the ages of my granddaughters.  All of this has me wondering.  Do young parents parent differently than older parents?  Is it a result of age or something else?  Are the children of older parents more secure?  Less?  Do younger parents play with their children more because they have more energy or do older parents play more because they recognize how quickly time passes?  Who has more patience?  Is one age group stricter disciplinarians than the other? [Read more…]

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