Entrepreneur? Employee? Am I a 2%er?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the top 2%.  The 2% I want to talk about today are not necessarily the top 2% of taxpayers, although some are.  Ask yourself, if you COULD be in the top 2% that earn enough to make them the top taxpayers would you want to be? [Read more…]

An End to Confusion

This could be the shortest blog I’ve ever done.   If you’ve ever stood in the vitamin aisle trying to figure out  what the difference between all the bottles is and what you really need, I can end your confusion.  This is GENIUS!

Please visit the “Looking Good” section to learn about a test that tells you exactly what your body needs and why. Then they formulate exactly what YOU need so you never have to stand in the vitamin aisle feeling confused again.

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