She’s HOW old?

I have four beautiful granddaughters.  They are roughly the same ages as my niece and nephews.  In fact, my sister’s youngest son and my youngest granddaughter are just 5 days apart.  I admit I’m a young grandmother.  The older girls often giggle and correct strangers who refer to me as their mom.

I’m the oldest.  I started early.  Not crazy early, I was in my twenties.   However, by today’s standards that seems very young.  In fact, I have friends my age who have children the ages of my granddaughters.  All of this has me wondering.  Do young parents parent differently than older parents?  Is it a result of age or something else?  Are the children of older parents more secure?  Less?  Do younger parents play with their children more because they have more energy or do older parents play more because they recognize how quickly time passes?  Who has more patience?  Is one age group stricter disciplinarians than the other?

If I could go back and change one thing about how I parented it would be this;  I would celebrate them more.  I spent far too much time being afraid of coddling and making sure I was teaching them discipline.  That didn’t work out so well and we both missed out on a lot of joy.  I saw a quote today.

                                 “f I had known children break on the inside and the cracks don’t surface until years later, I would have been more careful with my words.

Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan

All parents have regrets I suppose.  My children all managed to become adults and none of them live with me. (We have to count all our blessing, right?)  Grandchildren are our second chance.  We don’t sweat the small stuff.  We celebrate every accomplishment.  We go a little overboard in the other direction.  The way I figure, they are our reward for surviving the rearing of our own children.

Young or more mature, strict or lenient, parenting is not for pansies.  However you do it, there will be good days and some where you just want to hide in your room for hours.  Just remember to make more good days and be sure to be there for your girlfriend when she’s holed up in her room.  Bring wine.



  1. Glenda Owen says:

    Hey Maria, they are beautiful. I have 3 grandsons, and two granddaughters who are twins. I love your blog. This is awesome. I should do this. You are exactly right. I thought I was going to be done with my own girls, but now I have my grandsons during the week, the weekends, and usually all summer too. The girls will be four in June, and that will make it easier to have all four brothers and sisters together. Cru is my oldest daughter’s and they live in Denver. I really want to see more of him, but with all the kids from my second daughter being so close in age I have all that i can handle. I still have my youngest daughter, Kylie who is 17 here too. So Max and I laugh and say the house we live in will echo with the sounds of children until we are in the nursing home. The grandkids have their friends in this neighborhood, just like our kids had, and they go in and out all day when the boys are here. I keep the popsicles stocked in the freezer. I also have two step kids who are 24, and 25. Amber is in the Airforce, and is expecting her first baby in the fall. She and her husband are stationed in Germany. Nick and his fiance live in Wichita. He is pretty much full time National Guard, and they are expecting their first baby in late summer. So we will have a total of 7 grandkids soon. We’ve started a tradition of a summer lake vacation with jet skiing, and boating so all the kids bring their kids, and we have a lot of strong family bonding. I look forward to your blogs.

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