2013: Goal setting vs. Dreams

Okay, so I’m 2 weeks late discussing resolutions. Look at it this way. If you haven’t really made any yet, you haven’t broken them yet, either. A new year is an obvious time to reflect on past achievements and events (let’s not dwell on the so called failures or disappointments). It’s also when we consider making fresh starts or recommit to what we hope for the future.

Inspiration is everywhere. Facebook posts encourage us to “Dream Big” or remnd us that “Taking the first step is the hardest.” I’ve shared these thoughts myself. Which leads me to a question. Are goals and dreams the same thing? When you “dream big” are you “goal-setting”? I don’t necessarily think so.

To me, the dream is the end result. The goal-setting? That’s the action plan that gets you there. If your dream, is to look and feel amazing in a swimsuit on a company sponsored vacation on remote beach somewhere then the goals better include implementing a healthy eating and exercise plan. It also better include whatever action will be necessary to meet your company’s “goals”.

I heard another opinion years ago. Dreams, he purported, are in the dreamer’s head. Goals, however, are on paper. In fact, this speaker reported that “dreams” had a 7% chance of being realized while “goals” written down had a better than 70% chance of being met.

I don’t know if those statistics are correct or not. I do know that successful people make it a habit to write down the things they want to accomplish. Write down what you want. Back it up and break it down into time periods and action steps. Tell someone. Ask them to keep you accountable. Commit.

Make 2013 a great year to look back on next January.

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