Fill Your Cup

I’d love to fill my cup.  I’d like to finish it before it gets cold, too.  Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of hot coffee or hot tea that was still warm when I reached the bottom of it…if I reached the bottom of it.  It’s what I end up talking about so often.  Being busy.  Too busy to take off what’s left of this clearly “do it yourself” purple nail polish.  Too busy to clean the surprise off the bottom of my new Nike’s.  Too busy to put the carpet cleaner in the closet.  After all, I’m not finished with it.  I need to clean the carpet in the dining room but…you guessed it…too busy.

Maybe I’m not too busy.  Maybe I’m just ineffective.  Wait.  Stop!

I’ve spent years coaching other women to fill their own cups first.  I’ve preached that you can’t take care of/give to others if your own cup is empty.   I tell them they owe it to their family and friends to take the time to care for themselves.  I also tell them to be kind to themselves.  I encourage them to focus on all the things they have accomplished and not the one they didn’t get finished.  I remind them that if it isn’t nice to say to their friend then they shouldn’t say it to themselves.  I absolutely believe that.  So why don’t I practice it?  Ya got me.  I have no idea.

I am happy to announce that I have officially scheduled and paid for personal cup filling time.  Tomorrow I will leave children in the capable hands of their teacher.  I will leave the dog with clean diapers and food with the husband.  I will take my laptop and phone (Come on!  You didn’t think I was going to say I was leaving that did you?) and I will head to a four day “me” retreat.  Yoga, Lomi Lomi massage, long walks, delicious food that I won’t have to prepare or clean up and sleep will be part of my day.  Here’s the tricky part.  I have to remember my mantra, “I deserve this.  I will not feel guilty.  I need this.  I will not feel guilty.”  Repeat.  Wish me luck.  There will be lots of new experiences and I’m sure something will be blog worthy.

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