Love & marriage, love & marriage…

This isn’t a topic I thought I’d be blogging on but recent events make it obvious to me that I should.  At my core, I strive to help women live better.  Sometimes I do this by improving their health with customized-for-them supplements or healthy skin care.  Sometimes it’s by relieving their anxiety by providing a high quality childcare environment so they can be their most productive at work.  Daily I work to protect women and their children through the MSOC.  At the core of living better for anyone, man or woman, is love.

Last night I attended both a wedding AND a 25th wedding anniversary celebration.  This week I will host a wedding reception at my home.  Each of these three couples are entirely unique and in completely different stages of their lives.  However, it occurred to me that they all have one thing in common – incredible courage!  Now I’m not implying that marriage is scary.  It’s the commitment to being vulnerable, to risking your heart, to taking on another person’s hopes and fears that should give anyone cause for pause.

Last night I saw a young man commit not only to the woman who stole his heart, but to her three young children.  That takes courage.  I saw this woman allow herself to trust someone to co-parent her children, the most precious gifts in her life.  That takes courage.

I left that event to attend the 25th wedding anniversary of the co-founder of the Missing Sexual Offender Center.  Five children, health challenges, career changes and 25 years of the daily celebrations and struggles of life.  Imagine the new completely worn off, each person learning and growing differently.  Imagine working through these things as partners, never giving up, choosing to embrace triumphs and forgiveness.  That takes courage.

Next week I will take part in the celebration of hope restored.  A wedding celebration between a couple who has been down this road a time or two.  With children raised already, they will enter a marriage truly focused on each other.  They have suffered the heartache and disappointment of failed love.   Their experiences have left them with realistic eyes wide open.  Lessons learned and hearts healed they believe in their love.  That takes courage.

Statistically, married people live longer, happier lives.   I know, statistics are statistics, but perhaps it’s more than just having someone to share the good and bad of life.  Perhaps it’s the incredible benefit of COURAGE.


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