Defying the Odds!

Rudy Uses His Back Leg!

Have you been following Rudy the Superdog’s journey?  Remember how they told us that wherever he was 6 months after the accident was where he would stay?  The six month date was Nov. 25, 2012.    Well…Rudy the Superdog strikes again!  From completely paralyzed to this…He’s not completely healed but WOW, the progress he is still making.  See what Rudy learned to do just last week in this video!  Pardon my excitement!

Rudy Uses His Back Leg!

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An End to Confusion

This could be the shortest blog I’ve ever done.   If you’ve ever stood in the vitamin aisle trying to figure out  what the difference between all the bottles is and what you really need, I can end your confusion.  This is GENIUS!

Please visit the “Looking Good” section to learn about a test that tells you exactly what your body needs and why. Then they formulate exactly what YOU need so you never have to stand in the vitamin aisle feeling confused again.

Forty and Fabulous is Fading Fast!

I looked amMaria Holiday azing on my 40th birthday!  In fact, it was one of my favorite birthdays.  I had finally reached the age where I knew what I wanted AND I knew how to get it. It was a very liberating birthday. I thought I had nowhere to go but up.  I hate being wrong in general, but I REALLY hate being wrong about this!  Just when I thought I had my weight issues under control the pounds started creeping back.

I sell skin care, but it’s a skin care based on wellness.  It doesn’t do to not look the part.  So I started trying to take back control.  I tried pilates.  I got a dog so I would have a walking partner.  I started buying foods with names like kale, quinoa and millet.  Despite my efforts at eating better and exercising more, I just wasn’t making progress. [Read more…]

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